An insider advised me “The .223 expenses approximately three.99 a container so I offered 4 bins to be thrifty, but once I started shooting it on the variety, the bolt of my Rem. Seven-hundred would get caught and no longer be able to open. When I took it in, the smith said there was a bur in the chamber (it turned into a used gun), but now that it truly is fixed, it’s miles still safe to shoot the relaxation of that ammo in the gun. I’ve heard matters about Wolf Ammunition being terrible for barrels and different elements. For individuals who do not know what it is, it’s miles dust cheap metallic cased ammo made in Russia in .223, 7.62X39 and 9mm?”

“It’s junk. It’s cheap, and also you get what you pay for. I couldn’t get any of it to cycle  50 Beowulf ammo in my HK compact .Forty five, or my Colt 1911! Other those who I even have talked to who sold it for their SKS rifles did not get consistent accuracy.”

“Good reliable, fairly cheaper ammo. Get the Remington ammo from Wal-Mart inside the yellow container with black writing on it. “UMC”! The .223 ammo I buy .223 at Wal-Mart for my M-four and it’s miles less than $four.50 a field after tax. Remember “Remington UMC”. I buy their .45 ball in bulk and .223 by way of the box.”

“In the beyond Wolf ammo changed into quite terrible on satisfactory, even though a few years ago I heard it had gotten higher and I offered a few, did not have a trouble. Since then I actually have fired several thousand rounds of .45 ACP, .223 and seven.62X39 and feature now not had a hassle. Yes, UMC is high-quality ammo as properly. The .Forty five ACP ball is what I convey in my 1911. (I am not too large on hole points).”

“I became on the Tacoma Bulls eye gun range and become using wolf ammo and my HK USP .Forty five full sized jammed. It jammed so awful that I certainly wished one of the gunsmiths to get it out. He simply smacked the manage real hard with his hand at the same time as preserving the slid and 2-3 hits later it eventually ejected. The HK USP forty five is one of the nice handguns ever made and may deal with all ammo…Except wolf that is.”

“Upon inspection of the steel casing I ought to see a complete failure of the casing with a pinnacle to backside break up on it. I avoid this ammo at all price. Go to Wal-Mart and with the aid of American Eagle ammo. It’s reasonably-priced and American made and reliable. Remember…You get what you pay for with Ammo. Don’t hazard your existence to keep a dollar.”

“I offered a few bins in their 7.5x55mm Swiss for my K31. Seems to paintings just great. Also Boxer primed and reloadable. But then I think I’ve heard it become synthetic for Wolf somewhere in the former Yugoslavia. So they will be trying to enhance their exceptional. I’ve used all 3 kinds of Wolf Ammo. Shot over 500 rounds of .Forty five thru my Glock 30 in per week with most effective 1 jam. Several hundred rounds of 7.62mm with my SKS as well without a massive problems.”

“However, I have a AR-15 that jammed quite terrible the use of the wolf ammo. After finally getting it out (with a rod down the barrel) I went and shot again. Somehow the bolt was jammed in the upper receiver and I have yet to get it out. Looks like I’m going to need to take it to a smith and probable replace it. Don’t recognize if it changed into the ammo or the weapon even though.”


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