Many of you’ll have encounter an ebook referred to as “Get Google Ads Free”. The author of this e book (Dr. John Cohen) claims to have acquired $87 million in unfastened pay in step with clicks (adwords/overture and many others) over a 9 yr period the use of a mystery of his. But does “Get Google Ads Free” stack up to his outrageous claims?

When I first noticed the income web page for this ebook I become going through a steep studying curve with Google AdWords and was looking for anything to Google ads lessen expenses and improve conversion quotes.

When I noticed this I idea my prayers might also were spoke back. Even though I became in a desperate country of thoughts I turned into skeptical of the overrated income web page. I suggest, how can each person probably get $87 million in free percent’s. But regrettably, interest got the higher of me and I bought the ebook.

As I become expecting a few extraordinary, fantastic secret approach, sadness set in upon first acquaintance. There changed into no clean, smart way to get AdWords absolutely loose with little work (although if we’re being sincere, it does not exist).

As I study on however, my disappointment disappeared. What the e-book is based totally round is a easy, clever marketing strategy that has been used before. However, no longer many humans online recognize approximately this method. While it would not magically provide loose %’s, if used properly, it need to offset the costs.

When he first defined this, I slapped myself on the head mouthing “why failed to I consider this?” It is one of these matters this is oh so easy, yet extraordinarily smart at the identical time. The author goes on to give an explanation for how to use it so we can not only offset our AdWords fees, but additionally the way to profit from it. He does this in tremendous detail and I became surprised with the aid of how an awful lot content material he crammed into it. Another aspect I liked, become that it wasn’t totally confined to this approach. He gave lots of exact records on optimizing your AdWords account and even went into a few offline advertising.

The e-book is nicely written and presented. It is a hundred twenty five pages long, but it does not drag. He has additionally put together an remarkable, extensive affiliate phase that is even longer than the sales web page.

So, is Get Google Ads Free well worth the $sixty seven asking fee? If you’re searching out absolutely unfastened AdWords with out a strings connected, then keep looking (and looking, and searching). But if you want to understand how you may offset or at least lessen PPC costs you should don’t forget Get Google Ads Free. Even in case you don’t use the principal idea of the ebook , there’s sufficient sideline facts to justify its purchace.

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