Vettekkaran Pattu is a regular ceremonial approach to revering found among Hindus in specific pieces of Kerala, India. Here interestingly, the symbol revered is a hero, as indicated by the story contained in the tunes sung during different customs of love. It portrays the bold activities of an incredible ancestral fighter, called Vettekkaran, lived in the woodland region, Nambumala kotta close to Gudallur (as of now in the boundary of Kerala and Karnataka States of India), long back. The woodland was so thick and a wide range of wild creatures were available there. Normally, the ancestral individuals remaining in the woodland were assaulted and killed, all the time, by these creatures.

Vettekkaran coordinated the ancestral individuals and shaped a gathering of officers to battle these foes. This volunteer troopers were known as Elagirivilli brass pooja set chekavar. They, under the initiative of Vettekkaran chased and killed creatures all through the woods region, covering practically all regions in Wynad, Kurumbanad,etc. He met the Kings and different clan leaders of the area, and had conversations for tackling the danger. Balussery was picked by him as his head quarters and worked from that point, giving insurance to individuals. According to the customary tunes, Vettekkaran ventured out up to a spot called Thrikkalangode, close to Manjeri of present Malappuram area of Kerala and washed up in a lake called Kuttankulam and venerated the Goddess of the close by sanctuary Valliyankavu. In the wake of finishing these standard love he and his group chased creatures in the adjoining backwoods.

The blameless and oblivious ancestral and other people who lived in the lines of timberlands saw the activities of Vettekkaran with love and thought about him as a legend. Indeed, even after his passing they used to recollect him and wanted for his quality, at whatever point they were in a tough situation. A few sorts of contributions were given to this legend for getting comfort in their everyday existence. At the point when time elapsed, the legend got the situation with a God and the love became formal.

Presently Hindus love, regardless of stations, Vettakkaran not actually as a saint, yet as a Hindu God. Certain legendary stories have become associated with this and the Deity is viewed as connected with Lord Shiva, or Lord Shiva itself. In Mahabharatha (the exemplary artistic work which portrays exhaustively the battle for power between two gatherings of cousins, Pandavas and Kauravas), Arjuna, the mid-Pandava, needed to get the most remarkable weapon (a bolt), Pasupathastram, from Lord Shiva. He began doing thapas (reflection focusing on Shiva) for this reason, until Shiva showed up face to face before him. Thus, Shiva chose to show up before him. Be that as it may, Shiva needed to test Arjuna’s earnestness and value to have such a strong weapon. Thus, Shiva and Parvathy showed up before Arjuna, attired as timberland abiding trackers. In the wake of testing Arjunas truthfulness, agreeable to them, the weapon was given sure conditions. The story has it that a child was destined to Lord Shiva and Parvathy while they were in this tracker clothing. This child is called Vettakkoru makan (a child for hunting), which abbreviates to Vettekkaran.

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